Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Day!

Well, well, well...if there is anyone left to look at my blog!!! I might be the world's worst mother about taking/putting up pictures for everyone to see, but here are a few (at the bottom as always).

Coop spent the weekend with his Nana and Alan and had a blast as we have a winter wonderland like most of the country. He is almost 2 now, which is totally crazy and going to have a brother joining him in July! Ryan and I are really excited, but I am sure that our life is about to be exponentially crazier.

Life is really good for the Pettit's these days. We were recently in Huntsville searching out job opportunities and if everything works out, it looks like we will be moving back to North AL when we finish here in a year and a half. Time flies, but looking forward to being back where my family is.

Cooper is doing all sorts of new things, like mimicking everything, talking up a storm, demanding chocolate milk only (don't even try to mix in white milk), and being spoiled! We love him dearly and he is cuter and cuter by the second!!

Post and let us know what you are up to...that is if there is anyone left! :)

Ryan, Katie, Cooper, and soon to be Crosby

2 comments: said...

Cooper is such a joy to have around (unless you are Deacon!!! LOL). He wants outside all the time especially if there is snow! Cooper loves Nana and all her hair products! We love having him around, it reminds us how youthful enthusiasm has no limits. Chocolate milk is the only beverage in the world (milk please?). We watched Happy Feet, Kung Fu Panda, Ice Age 2, and Finding Nemo so many times this weekend that the images are burned onto our screen!! LOL (Remote please)!! Dish washing has never been so much fun (up Please). We love our little Cooper enjoy him now while he wants to help with the dishes!! Thanks for sharing Cooper with us we had a great time. Love Nana and The Great One

Courtney said...

Cooper is adorable! I'm glad to see you guys are doing well!