Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy first birthday!!

Ok, ok...I have no excuses for taking a 5 month hiatus, but what can I say??? Things are pretty busy around here. I hope everyone is doing well and hasn't given up on the blog. :) Cooper is now 13 mo old and walking and talking like a mad man. Part of the reason it has been so long is that Coop likes to "hide" things and it took me awhile to find the USB connection for the camera so I could upload pics! :) He is growing and changing so's hard to believe we have a one year old! We had a BIG birthday party for him, complete with a min cake for him to tear into. The mess about drove Ryan crazy, but he seemed to enjoy the sugar high. I hope everyone is well and I promise to post some more again soon. There will be plenty of pics posted below to catch everyone up on months 9-12!! :) Please leave a post and let us know how you are doing...
Ryan, Katie, and Cooper