Sunday, July 27, 2008


Cooper has been loving his I have tried to upload some video of it. Don't know if it will work or not, but hopefully you can all see how precious he is playing in it! :)

TIme to eat!

Well, we had our first experience with cereal this morning and it was pretty hilarious! I think Cooper liked it after he figured out eating off of a spoon. The first few bites were funny...I wish Ryan had been here to take pics of his facial expressions. I just wanted to post a little note showing what a mess we made. He did finish the entire bowl (in true Pettit style) and was pretty happy about it! By the time he had eaten about half, he was yelling at me to get the spoon to his mouth more quickly. It took us about 30 minutes to eat one small bowl, mostly because he was trying to help by grabbing the spoon. We miss you all and please check in and let us know how things are going! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hey everyone-
Just wanted to add some pics (which have been highly requested by everyone) and update everyone on how residency is has been treating us pretty well up in Maineville. I think we are finally settling into a routine and Cooper loves spending all day with his Aunt Megan. She is adventurous enough to take him out and about and loves on him endlessly. We feel really blessed to have her in our life. Cooper is getting bigger by the second and I have added a ton of pics since the last time I posted, so make sure and check them out.
As far as residency program at B. North is just awesome and I love all of the people I am working with. Ryan is really enjoying the TriHealth OB program and is about to start his most intense rotation in the middle of August. He already has some exciting stories to tell...I have to share at least one on the blog. :) On Friday when he was in clinic, he had to do a cervical check on a pregnant patient and when he was finished and removing the gloves from his hands he shot the vaginal goo onto the upper lip of his chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you all can imagine how violet his face became!! :) Luckily, after his chief got cleaned up, she laughed about it, but has proceeded to tell everyone in his program the story and sent out a mass e-mail, so I am sure it will be awhile before Ryan hears the end of it. He's got a few more exciting stories, but you will all have to check in with him to hear the rest because I am not sure they are PG enough to be posted on the blog!
We are missing everyone and hope to hear from you all soon...please check out all the pics of our handsome man. He is really enjoying his new saucer/bouncer combo and goes to town playing in it. He is also talking up a storm and has perfected the art of rolling over. He is getting pretty close to rolling from his back to his belly now too. Please leave some posts and let us know how life is treating everyone!
Ryan, Katie, and Cooper