Monday, November 24, 2008

Burrito baby!

One of Cooper's new favorite things is to roll himself up in blankets and we were fortunate enough to capture one

of these adventures on camera! It is too precious. He is really at a fun age--almost 8 months--I can't believe he is SO BIG already. Hope all is well...we are certainly looking forward to the holidays and it is starting to feel like winter up here in Ohio. There were even snow flurries last week! :) For those of us from would have been canceled. Hope everyone is well and Happy Holidays! I am posting more pics and some videos at the bottom.

Ryan, Katie, and Cooper

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Super scary!

We were fortunate enough to travel to Huntsville over Halloween/my mother's 60th birthday and we thought Charlie Brown (thanks Debbie B for the suggestion) would be the perfect costume. Cooper was an absolute angel on the flight and as you could guess, a total hit in the airports given how precious he is! :) He definitely has a block-head like Charlie Brown. He also was a dalmation once we were in Huntsville because his BIG cousins (Ian and John) were firefighters and the little ones (Coop, Haze, and Nicholas) were their dalmations. It was pretty is a pic of the five cousins!!

Cooper also got to meet his Aunt Jan for the first time and he loved her from the start!! He was really sweet with everyone. I know he misses them dearly. We also got to meet my newest nephew, Nicholas. He was born on October 13 and is absolutely adorable...Nikki was certainly blessed with a good baby. So the Nicholson girls now have an entire basketball team!! Kinda crazy...

I hope you all enjoy the pics. I will post some more at the bottom and there will be more posts to come when I have all of the pictures. Cooper was also baptised this weekend and his godmother, Marianne, was sweet enough to make it to see him.
We miss you all and love you!
Ryan, Katie, and Cooper