Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bigger and bigger...

Hey guys-

Thanks for the well wishes with starting orientation. It was certainly an adjustment not being with Cooper all day, but it is such a blessing to come home to his adorable face at night! One more week of orientation and then the real work starts and people will start calling us Doctor!!! Really scary and a bit overwhelming, but I think we are ready for the challenge. Cooper has adjusted like a champ and has enjoyed his time at home with his Grandma Stelzer (Ryan's mom) and his Aunt Megan who is our live-in nanny as of Thursday. :) I hope everyone is doing well and I will do my best to keep updating the blog...especially with pics because he changes so much so quickly. He is rolling over from his belly to his back really easily now and looks like he is ready to crawl any minute (but I hope we have a few more months before he takes off!). Keep us posted on how everyone is doing!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

New House

Hey everyone-
Happy Father's Day to all the dads!! Well, we are officially residents of Maineville, OH now!! We have spent the last week and a half moving in and getting settled in our new home. We absolutely love it...I definitely appreciate being in a newer construction after living in Mobile for the last few years. I am going to upload some more pics of the main floor for everyone to see. Cooper is adjusting really well to our new surroundings. He is now sleeping about 6-8 hours at night which is nice and has been rolling over like a mad man!! He is talking a lot to us with lots of goo's and ga's and is more adorable with each passing second. We miss everyone and if you are ever headed to the Cinci us and come visit! I start orientation tomorrow and Ryan commences on Wednesday, so keep us in your thoughts and is about to get infinitely more chaotic! :) We are so blessed!!!
Ryan, Katie, Cooper, and Deacon